Pre-Conference Materials: Workshop Introduction, Position Statements, etc.

LogoOur workshop at the German American Studies Association conference in Berlin is just a few days a way and we’re excited to share a few things related to the event on this website.

First, there’s a draft of the introductory remarks by Regina Schober and Alexander Starre, including the full references that may be a bit hard to catch during the event.

We have also asked all of our speakers to share a few lines (or a few paragraphs) based on their presentations as a form of position statement¬† for the workshop. If you click on the individual presenters, you’ll also be able to access short biographical statements.

Since we spent quite some time reading up on current discussions in the public humanities, we thought it might be useful to gather some of the most important essays, journal articles, and book chapters we came across into a list of selected readings. There are other such bibliographies out there – ours was assembled from the disciplinary perspective of European American Studies, so it’s likely most useful for readers with such a transnational research background.

We’re looking forward to hosting this workshop on Saturday, May 26 at 2 pm at JFK Institute in Berlin – but we’re also very excited about the opportunity to give a public face to such a format on Humanities Commons. If you’re interested in attending conference and/or our workshop, make sure to check out the official conference website.

A Workshop on the Public Humanities in Berlin, Germany (May 26, 2018)

Welcome to our blog accompanying the workshop “American Studies as Engaged Scholarship: Doing Public Humanities from the Local to the Transnational” to be held at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the German Association for American Studies.

Organized by Regina Schober (University of Mannheim) and Alexander Starre (Freie Universität Berlin), this event brings together a group of transatlantic scholars whose work extends to communities both local and international.